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Why Grab Signals

At grabsignals.com, we understand that successful trading requires accurate insights and knowlendge. Our signals are backed by extensive research and technical analysis, providing you with an advantage of successful trading. With have a proven records of success. We are suitable for both novice and experienced traders.

70%+ success.

Our signals history shows 70%+ success rate.


We are 24/7 connected, catching every asset movements.


All positions and changes are delivered to our telegram channels in less than 1 sec.


Our support team will quickly answer all your queries.

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What exactly is Trading signals

Trading signals are your gateway to informed and strategic trading across various financial markets, encompassing both Forex and metals signals as well as Indices and energy signals. These signals serve as invaluable resources for traders of all levels, offering timely notifications that highlight potential opportunities.

Forex and Metals Signals: they will provide you with precise insights into the world of currency pairs and precious metals. These signals are your guiding lights in the vast forex market, helping you make decisions about when to buy or sell. Furthermore, they extend to the dynamic realm of metals trading, including gold, silver, and other valuable commodities.

We ensure compatibility with a wide range of trading platforms, making it easy for you to integrate our signals into your trading strategy. Whether you're a novice trader or an experienced professional. As long as you know what is stop loss and take profit - you are ready to go.

Our Forex and metals signals offer critical price action analysis and recommendations, enabling you to trade with confidence.

Indices and Energy Signals: In the ever-evolving landscape of stock market indices and energy commodities. Our Indices and energy signals are your trusted companions. They provide you with timely alerts, empowering you to explore opportunities within global stock indices such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and NASDAQ. Additionally, they offer insights into the energy sector, including commodities like crude oil and natural gas.

Our commitment to flexibility means that you can adapt our signals to suit your trading style, whether it's short-term trading, day trading, or longer-term investment strategies. Each signal incorporates risk management guidance to help safeguard your capital, a vital aspect of trading in these dynamic markets.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed trading decisions and navigate the complexities of these markets successfully.

In summary, our trading signals, spanning Forex and metals signals as well as Indices and energy signals, serve as essential tools to enhance your trading journey. Join our community today to harness the potential of these diverse markets and elevate your trading performance.

Why our signals ?

These signals provide much more than just buy or sell recommendations, they are a source of valuable trade ideas derived from meticulous market analysis.

Our forex and metals signals, designed for both novice and professional traders, offer a unique perspective on current market trends. Backed by the expertise of our professional traders and cutting-edge automated trading systems, our signals provide a comprehensive overview of the forex market.

Whether you're looking to trade forex or precious metals, our signals are tailored to your specific needs.

Currently we don't offer a free forex signals and a trial period but our commitment to market analysis is unwavering. We monitor market trends around the clock, utilizing a combination of technical and fundamental analysis, to deliver timely and actionable forex trading signals. We understand that staying ahead of market developments is crucial, and our signals keep you informed and ready to make informed trading decisions.

Whether you're an experienced Forex trader or just starting, our signals are your trusted companions in navigating the complex world of currency trading. We offer a wealth of educational resources and access to a supportive community of traders to ensure that you have all the tools you need to succeed in the forex and indices market.

In summary, our trading signals go beyond mere recommendations. They represent a commitment to delivering market insights, trade ideas, and actionable trading signals. Join our community today and trade forex with confidence, armed with the power of informed decision-making.

Our latest positions:

Pair Type: Open: Close: Open price: Close price: Profit/Loss:
USDJPY 📈 28.11.2023 16:41:37 28.11.2023 23:10:02 147.465 147.332 -2.71
AUDJPY 📉 29.11.2023 16:10:46 30.11.2023 13:59:59 97.486 97.483 0.06
EURUSD 📉 01.12.2023 14:51:35 01.12.2023 16:45:32 1.0844 1.0879 -10.59
GBPUSD 📉 30.11.2023 13:58:16 01.12.2023 16:49:10 1.2626 1.2688 -18.78
DAX40ECN 📈 30.11.2023 11:34:05 02.12.2023 09:48:11 16003.65 16235.24 50.45
EURUSD 📉 28.11.2023 23:10:02 03.12.2023 23:10:00 1.0996 1.0885 33.09
XAUUSD 📈 16.11.2023 16:05:50 04.12.2023 05:08:31 1986.5 2084.09 97.59
SP500ECN 📈 30.11.2023 09:42:43 05.12.2023 09:42:43 4554.83 4595.3 8.09
AUDJPY 📉 05.12.2023 03:30:42 05.12.2023 17:59:44 96.986 96.484 10.24
CRUDOILECN 📉 05.12.2023 13:14:13 05.12.2023 23:00:09 72.37 72.27 1
USDCAD 📈 30.11.2023 23:09:59 06.12.2023 01:36:52 1.356 1.3574 3.05
DAX40ECN 📈 02.12.2023 13:13:16 06.12.2023 09:47:48 16274.53 16419.64 31.44
SP500ECN 📉 02.12.2023 09:42:43 06.12.2023 23:00:00 4563 4549.42 2.72
USDJPY 📈 01.12.2023 16:48:01 06.12.2023 23:09:46 146.909 147.235 6.64
CADJPY 📉 04.12.2023 10:32:52 07.12.2023 10:14:34 108.209 106.448 36.52
AUDJPY 📉 07.12.2023 06:50:32 07.12.2023 17:46:36 95.702 94.535 24.49
SP500ECN 📈 05.12.2023 23:00:00 07.12.2023 23:00:00 4566.54 4579.65 2.62
DAX40ECN 📈 06.12.2023 01:48:03 07.12.2023 23:05:26 16588.2 16637.33 10.61
USDCAD 📈 06.12.2023 23:10:11 08.12.2023 01:54:00 1.3593 1.3579 -3.16
GBPUSD 📉 08.12.2023 03:59:44 08.12.2023 13:29:49 1.2591 1.2546 13.47
SP500ECN 📈 06.12.2023 23:00:02 08.12.2023 21:10:53 4548.92 4601.28 10.47
SP500ECN 📈 06.12.2023 23:00:00 08.12.2023 21:12:02 4549.54 4601.03 10.3
  Winning: 18 Losing: 4 Success Rate: 81.82%


Below you will find a list of most frequently asked question.

Trading signals like forex signal services ( and indices signals ) are notifications and/or alerts that provide you with information about potential trading opportunities in various financial markets.

1. Once you subscribe to our service. 2. You will receive the trading signals directly on our Telegram channel. 3. You'll need to join the channel using the provided link on your email.

Our trading signals cover a wide range of pairs, including most major.

This is a short list of the recent forex pairs: AUDJPY, CADJPY, EURCAD, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, NZDJPY, USDCAD, USDJPY, XAUUSD.

And these are few indices: SP500ECN, US500CASH, NQ100ECN, US30CASH, DE30CASH ...

Our traders are planning to soon are even more popular pairs which will make the trading ideas even more amazing.

While we strive to provide accurate signals, it's important to note that trading carries risks, and no signal provider can guarantee 100% accuracy.

Currently we have above 70% success rate. With focus on delivering top-quality signals backed by analysis and research.

No, currently we do not offer a free trial period.

Eventually there will be some in the future, just keep visiting our website and check for promotions or subscribe from the form below for news.

We offer a variety of subscription plans with different pricing options to suit your needs.

Now we have mostly two groups "Forex Signals" and "Indices signals", soon we will offer more.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting any of the payment platforms ( PayPal or Stripe ).

Navigate to the subscriptions list and follow the cancellation instructions provided there.

You can not upgarde or downgrade your plan, since there is only one plan per trading channel type.

Yes, we take your security seriously.

To guarantee the most safety and ease of subscribing to our services, we have carefully selected the most trusted and secure payment gateways ( PayPal and Stripe ).

Yes, we have a dedicated customer support team available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

You can reach us through the Contact Us page, telegram or our support email.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee for our Forex signals service.

If you are not satisfied with our service within a certain period after subscribing.

You may be eligible for a refund. You may contact us to request a refund for up to two months of subscription.

Yes, our trading signals are suitable for traders of all levels, including beginners.

We send out trading signals regularly, depending on market conditions and can be used for both short-term and long-term trading strategies.

Depending ot the "Take profit" and "Stop loss" values the signals can be short-term or long-term.

Our trading signals are versatile and can be adapted to various trading styles, including scalping and long-term trading.

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